Public on the road

// With the dog in public transport

Wearing a mouthguard – what has only recently become compulsory for us humans on public transport has long been the case for dogs. So in the subway, streetcar, train, boat or gondola you should not forget about muzzle and leash!

If you want to travel in public with your four-legged friend without any worries, you should inform yourself in advance about the respective laws in each city or town. Does my dog need a ticket? Is it enough if I put him on a leash or do I need an additional muzzle? Can my dog also come in a transport bag?

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Safely from A to B

Passengers are protected from your dog by the muzzle – but how do you protect your dog from careless kicks or accidental jostling, especially at rush hour? Try to protect your dog with your body and stand in front of him. If he does lay down while driving, make sure his paws and tail are out of the way and you can unintentionally step on them.

Once you reach your destination, avoid riding the escalator at train stations or in gondola or subway stations – it can quickly become dangerous for dog paws. And when the muzzle can be taken off again, one thing must not be forgotten: lots of praise and reward!