// Elegant joie de vivre wrapped in a cloud of curls

When a poodle looks into ours with its intelligent eyes, we discover a world full of curiosity, empathy and a disarming lightness of being.

His curly splendor, which immediately catches the eye, envelops not only an athletic body, but also a soul that is imbued with both depth and a playful spirit. Poodles are not just companions; they are playful philosophers who remind us that life in all its facets – from the pensive to the exuberant moments – is a source of joy and wonder.

With an elegance that characterizes their movements and their nature, they give us moments of serenity and a shoulder to lean on when the world weighs too heavily on our own shoulders.

// Characteristics


// Particularities

Intelligence: Poodles are exceptionally intelligent and are one of the easiest dog breeds to train. Not only do they learn commands quickly, they also bring an enchanting creativity to the game.

Allergy-friendly: Their curly coat is known to be particularly allergy-friendly, as it is less prone to shedding dander (an allergy trigger) into the environment.

Different sizes: Poodles come in different sizes (toy, miniature, medium and large poodle), making them a suitable breed for many different living situations and needs.

Sporty: Despite their often elegant and sometimes fragile appearance, Poodles are very sporty and agile, they love the water and are involved in many dog sports.

Loyalty: Poodles are known for their deep bond and loyalty to their humans. They build strong emotional bonds and are often very sensitive to the feelings of their owners.

Health: Although they are generally robust, Poodles can be predisposed to certain health problems, including hip dysplasia and specific eye conditions. Conscious breeding and regular veterinary supervision are therefore important.

In every swirl of their curly tresses and in every happy leap that a poodle makes, we experience a declaration of love for life itself. With their elegant appearance, intelligent nature and unwavering loyalty, they enrich our everyday lives and teach us that love, in whatever form, is the true heart of every adventure.

// Head shape and snout

They have a well-proportioned skull with a straight muzzle and a pronounced stop.

// Muzzle for poodles

Limuzz has developed a muzzle for poodles that takes into account the unique head and muzzle so that the dog feels comfortable while wearing it and is still fully protected.