// Angels with fur and four paws that take hearts by storm

With their gentle eyes and the heart-warming smiles that seem to linger on their fluffy faces, Golden Retrievers effortlessly open the doors to our souls.

In every wave of her silky fur, in every excited wag of her tail, we discover a source of love and happiness that enriches life with countless nuances. Golden Retrievers are not just dogs; they are ambassadors of joy, comforters in times of need and loyal companions who accompany us on life’s paths.

Their presence is like a gentle ray of sunshine that illuminates even the darkest corners of our existence and reminds us that unconditional love and friendship are the most precious jewels in life.

// Characteristics

Golden Retriever

// Particularities

Friendliness: Golden Retrievers are characterized by their exceptionally friendly and outgoing nature. Their closeness and affection for humans and other animals is almost limitless.

Family dog: Due to their gentle and loving nature, they make excellent family dogs and get on particularly well with children.

Willing to work: Originally bred as hunting dogs, they have a natural willingness to work and can be used in various areas, for example in rescue work or as therapy dogs.

Trainability: Their intellect and willingness to cooperate usually make training easy and effective. They are eager to learn and enjoy every task they are given.

Grooming: Although their coat is wonderfully soft and beautiful, it also requires regular grooming. Their dense undercoat can shed heavily, especially during the changing seasons.

Health: Golden Retrievers are also known to have some health problems, including hip dysplasia and certain hereditary eye conditions, so responsible breeding and regular veterinary check-ups are very important.

Golden Retrievers are not just dogs, they are creatures that show us the true meaning of friendship, trust and love. With their always positive and joyful nature, they remind us how easy it is to find happiness if you just go through life with open arms and a smiling heart.

// Head shape and snout

Broad skull with a well defined and balanced muzzle.

// Muzzle for Golden Retriever

Limuzz has developed a muzzle for the Golden Retriever that takes into account the wide head and balanced muzzle to ensure that it is both safe and comfortable.