Whether my dog needs a muzzle or not is always a very controversial topic among dog owners. A muzzle is unfamiliar to the dog at first, but with a little training the dog quickly gets used to it.

However, it is important that basically every dog should have a muzzle and also be used to it. There are always situations when the dog can not avoid wearing a muzzle.

On the one hand, there are regulations that owners must follow, whether on public transportation or on vacation. Before you set out, you should find out about it – not that you will be embarrassed or, in the worst case, have to pay a fine.

On the other hand, it does not hurt that the dog wears a muzzle, as it provides protection from poison baits. A muzzle is also advisable for tense dogs.

If you, as a responsible mistress or master, have now decided to pay attention to a muzzle, it is a matter of choosing the right size.

It is important that the dog has a muzzle that fits him and is anatomically adapted to his breed.

Most important factors for a suitable muzzle

Correct depth of the muzzle

It is especially important that a muzzle should not restrict the dog. It’s not about tightening the dog’s muzzle as tightly as possible. The muzzle should be deep enough at the point where the dog can open its muzzle the widest, i.e. at the front, so that the dog can still pant in a relaxed manner. The ideal depth would be one at which the dog can yawn while only lightly touching the muzzle at the bottom. Unfortunately, many muzzle models are narrower at the front, where the depth would be needed, than at the rest of the muzzle.

Correct length of the muzzle

In contrast, the dog owner ordinance in Brandenburg states that a muzzle is mandatory for small dogs as well as any other size and breed. In all public transport and administrative buildings dogs are allowed in only with a suitable muzzle.

Correct width of the muzzle

When the muzzle rests on the dog’s nose, there should still be an inch of space to the left and right of the dog’s muzzle. Then the dog does not feel that something is constantly rubbing his lips. The muzzle should be well adapted to the shape of the dog’s head to the rear and without much pressure on the cheeks to the closure.

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If mistress and master take these criteria to heart when choosing, the dog will quickly accept the muzzle and accept it well.

Limuzz has taken these guidelines very much to heart in the development of the muzzle and has created a lightweight, flexible muzzle that meets these requirements perfectly. Read here how to measure the Maulkrob correctly and order your Limuzz in the perfect size here!