// Long bodies, short legs, infinitely big heart

A Dachshund, also affectionately known as a dachshund, is much more than just a charming companion with a strikingly long body and charmingly short legs.

He is a small creature with an exceptionally big personality who effortlessly sneaks into people’s hearts and leaves an indelible impression. With his loyal, expressive eyes and his swinging tail, which vividly tells of his adventures, he becomes the center of every family, a friend who understands without reservation, and a gentle soul who enriches our lives with an indescribable depth and joy.

A Dachshund lives with an unwavering determination and an endless curiosity that inspires us to look at the world with wondering eyes and an open heart.

// Characteristics

Dachshund (Dackel)

// Particularities

Courageous and determined: Dachshunds were originally bred as hunting dogs and therefore have a remarkable determination and courageous character.

Friendly and affectionate: They develop a deep bond with their humans and are known for their friendly and affectionate nature.

Headstrong: Despite their small size, Dachshunds have a strong and sometimes stubborn personality that requires loving but consistent training.

Versatile: Whether long-haired, rough-haired or short-haired dachshunds, they all have their own charm and character and are available in different sizes.

Long-lived: With the right care and love, Dachshunds can often reach an age of 15 years or more.

Health: Due to their long backs, they can be prone to spinal problems, so it is important to monitor their movement and weight.

Excellent sniffers: Their keen sense of smell makes them excellent sniffer dogs and they enjoy activities that challenge their sniffer noses.

Traveling with a Dachshund by your side is an endless discovery of joy, play and unexpected little adventures. They remind us that the size of the body never determines the size of the heart, and that the smallest things in life often bring the greatest joys. A life with a Dachshund is a life filled with unparalleled love, loyalty and a daily dose of happiness and surprises.

// Head shape and snout

They have a long skull in relation to the size of their body and a long snout.

// Muzzle for the dachshund

Limuzz has developed a muzzle for dachshunds that takes their unique head shape into account.