// Small in size, huge at heart – a bundle of energy full of love and adventure

In the silky shimmering fur and the attentive eyes of the Yorkshire Terrier we find an immeasurable world full of adventure, curiosity and a love beyond imagination.

This small yet tireless four-legged friend, blessed with an enviable energy and an insatiable thirst for discovery, opens our hearts with his unmistakable charm and brave personality. Yorkshire Terriers, also affectionately known as “Yorkies”, are not just pets; they are bold life artists who inspire us to experience every moment with joy, courage and an endless curiosity.

Their compact size may deceive us at first, but once we enter their world, we discover that true greatness has nothing to do with stature, but resides in a courageous, loving heart.

// Characteristics

Yorkshire Terrier

// Particularities

Spirited: Despite their small size, Yorkshire Terriers are extremely energetic, courageous and often very self-confident.

High maintenance: Their magnificent, silky coat is beautiful to look at, but also requires regular grooming and professional coat treatments.

Adaptable: Yorkies adapt excellently to different living situations and feel at home both in apartments and in houses with gardens.

Social: They are often very sociable and enjoy the company of people and other animals if they are properly socialized.

Longevity: Yorkshire Terriers have an impressive life expectancy and can often be by your side for well over a decade if kept in good health and care.

Health: They are robust little creatures, but are also susceptible to certain health conditions such as dental problems and can be sensitive to cold.

Seeing the world through the eyes of a Yorkshire Terrier means seeing every moment as an opportunity for love, play and discovery. With their zest for life and inexhaustible courage, these little dogs remind us that life – in all its facets – is a great adventure to be explored with an open heart and insatiable curiosity.

// Head shape and snout

A small, not too flat skull and a medium-length muzzle.

// Yorkshire Terrier Muzzle

The Limuzz muzzle for Yorkshire Terriers is specially designed for smaller breeds so that it fits comfortably and securely without restricting the small dog.