// This should be noted when muzzling large dog breeds.

He doesn’t do anything. You often hear this when a big dog comes towards you. Nevertheless, such dogs should have a muzzle or bite basket and be used to wearing it. Not always! But if necessary, the muzzle should not restrict the dog and he should accept it well.

What is the most important thing about a muzzle?

  • It’s meant to protect your dog.
  • He is supposed to protect his conspecifics
  • It is intended to protect other people and children.
  • It should be suitable for everyday use and not restrict your dog.
  • It should, if necessary, prevent the eating of unwanted food and poisonous baits
  • The dog should get enough air to breathe with the muzzle.
  • The dog should be able to pant enough with the muzzle to be able to regulate its body temperature.

What should you look for when buying a muzzle for a large dog?

  • The fit
  • The weight
  • Stability
  • Food protection or feeding brake if your dog tends to absorb everything that is lying around.
  • The material. Depending on the character and social behavior of the dog, a metal mouth basket may be unavoidable.

// Muzzle for Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd is a self-confident family dog. He is smart, faithful and affectionate. He is very calm towards strangers. But if he thinks he sees a threat, he intervenes.
The muzzle for a shepherd dog must definitely offer enough space for these active dogs to pant. The dog must be able to regulate its body temperature sufficiently on warm days. Depending on the character of the dog, a slightly firmer variant of the muzzle is to be considered. Limuzz offers the PRO version here. This has an integrated feeding protection and is more stable overall. For even harder use, the heavy duty version of the muzzle is a good choice.

// Muzzle for greyhounds

Greyhounds are very independent animals in their nature, but tend to cuddle a lot. Your mistress/master is the most important caregiver. Greyhounds need their movement. If they get these enough, greyhounds are great family dogs that are careful with children.

Muzzles for greyhounds have two different tasks to fulfill.

On the one hand, a muzzle is mandatory for a greyhound who is a hobby on the dog racecourse or cursing. The muzzles of Limuzz are approved for racing and allow the dog to always breathe enough even in the high-performance range.

In everyday life and especially when playing with other dogs, he helps to protect the dog. Often other dogs push a lot of frustration because the fast greyhound is simply too agile for them when playing.
It is important with the greyhound mouth basket that the nose shape of the dog is addressed. The long, very narrow nose allows the dog to open the catch wide. The depth must be guaranteed. At the same time, the muzzle must not be too wide, otherwise it will not have sufficient support on the slender nose.

// Muzzle for Husky

The husky is a very sporty dog breed. They are very sociable and do not like to be alone. The dogs build a close relationship. However, they often have a hunting instinct that should not be underestimated. A husky as a family dog is not a problem, but the socialization of the dog is very important.

A muzzle for a husky is not easy to find with the often very wide head shape but still relatively narrow nose. The muzzle must nestle well to have a secure hold on to the catch. With the pronounced hunting instinct of some dogs, we recommend the muzzle in a signal color. On the one hand, the dog can be seen from afar. At the same time, it is a signal that the dog is secured and can not do much.

// Muzzle for Labrador

The Labrador is a dog who wants to work. He is friendly, intelligent and has the peace away.
The Labrador loves exercise and needs its outlet in all weathers. For active families who spend a lot of time in nature , the “Labi” is a perfect family dog that is also suitable as a “beginner dog“.
A muzzle for a Labrador should be stable and participate in the dog’s activity and play instinct. At the same time, a Labrador is said to try to eat everything he finds. Here a muzzle with food protection is recommended.

// Muzzle for Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an obedient dog in character that can also be used in hunting . The dog wants to please its owners and is not disturbed by anything.
A retriever is a very pleasant family dog, for families who spend enough time with him in nature. Due to its good social compatibility, it is also very good to keep together with other dogs.
A muzzle for a retriever should be stable and participate in the dog’s activity and play instinct . At the same time, a Goldi is said to try to eat everything he finds. Here a muzzle with food protection is recommended.

// Muzzle for Rottweiler

Rottweilers already look respectful and sometimes seem threatening. Basically, the “Rotti” has a very friendly nature and can do well with children and other dogs. But he should be used to this from an early age.

A Rottweiler has a pronounced protective instinct and wants to protect his “human pack”. So that there are no incidents here, a consistent education of the dog is absolutely necessary.
The muzzle for a Rottweiler here depends very much on its character.

Basically, the massive head shape is an essential feature. The muzzle must adapt well to this and sit here perfectly. The Rottweiler then quickly gets used to the muzzle and accepts it very well.
We at Limuzz offer custom-made muzzles for Rottweilers. The muzzle is made of flexible plastic. If the dog is well socialized, but occasionally becomes cocky in the game, the material of the muzzle protects him and others from injury.
If the dog has an aggression problem, a metal mouth basket should be seriously considered here. Only these can safely absorb the power that these dogs develop.

// Muzzle for Great Dane

The Great Dane – big – impressive and perhaps a little intimidating. And then Great Danes are actually very cuddly and loving. The Great Dane gets along well with other pets and children. As a guard dog, the Great Dane is well suited simply because of its size.

A muzzle for a Great Dane is hard to find given the size of the animals. In addition, the muzzle not only has to absorb the catch but also the often lying down Lefzen. The muzzle should be deep enough to allow the Great Dane a good panting, and not to press on the lefzen. Given the size of the animals, a slightly more stable muzzle is recommended.

The pleasant, flexible yet firm muzzle by Limuzz is individually made for the Great Dane and offers the perfect fit. We are also happy to help you measure if you are not quite sure how to measure the muzzle and lefzen. Simply send an email to support(@) We report and support you.

// Muzzle for Doberman

Doberman is an elegant and intelligent dog. He is brave and always ready to defend his family (his pack). Within his “human” pack, the Doberman is a cuddly animal. With good and consistent education, he also gets along well with children. It is important that he has a caregiver from the beginning who gives him security and shows him where to go.
A muzzle for a Doberman, should be a little more stable. If his defensive instinct strikes, the muzzle must protect him and the “intruder” in pack. The head shape with the long almost greyhound-like nose should fit very well from the width, and in any case offer the dog enough space to pant. The shape of the Limuzz, which is a little reminiscent of a pelican, ensures that the muzzle fits well and the dog cannot strip the muzzle upwards. At the front, where the catch can go the furthest, there is enough space, and the dog has enough cooling in warm temperatures.


For the following dog breeds often the same applies as above

// American Steffordshire Terrier

// Big Poodle

// Münsterländer

// Bolonka

// Australian Shepard

// Border Collie

// Colli

// Hunting Dogs


// Advantages of the LiMuzz muzzle for small dogs


Every large breed of dog is different. Surely your dog is also a very special animal. That’s why each LiMUZZ bite basket is made individually for your dog.

Easy to clean


Our muzzle is easy to clean due to its surface and can be easily cleaned with warm water if required. So everything stays clean with you and your dog is protected.

Safety for you and your dog


Limuzz is the muzzle for your big dog – on request with food protection. This prevents your darling from eating things that do not get him well.

Designed for your dog


The special design of our LiMuZZ allows the dog always to breathe enought, no matter how active he ist. This is important so that your dog gets enough cooling even in warm temperatures.

The light Limuzz for your dog


LiMUZZ is the first muzzle from the 3D printer. The selected materials and the production without heavy rivets or screws, allow a weight that is up to 2/3 lighter than comparable products on the market.

Designed for your dog

Easy handling

The LiMUZZ is attached to the neck with a simple click closure. Due to the well thought-out fit and the perfect fit on the nose of your big buddy, a head strap is not necessary with us. Limuzz holds it that way!


The individual muzzle for your dog. Each Limuzz is bespoke and fits your dog perfect.


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