LiMUZZ NoNose is the muzzle for all dogs with very short nose.

You travel a lot with your dog and your darling is always with you?

With a LiMUZZ NoNose you have a muzzle that accompanies you as faithfully as your dog! .

Just as light, comfortable, safe and always with you as the standard LiMUZZ models. When you are out and about with your dog, you will often find yourself in situations that require you to wear a muzzle. Whether in the city or in the country, more and more often a muzzle is mandatory. With breeds with very short noses, this has always been a problem. With the LiMUZZ especially for pugs, French bulldogs and co. you meet all the requirements that are placed on a muzzle.

Nothing rests on your nose or interferes with your dog breathing, sniffing or looking!

It’s made individually and custom fit for your dog.

The shape allows your dog always enough panting and so even if it’s hot times to keep a cool head.

It’s lightweight and easy to take with you, so you’ll always have the muzzle handy when you need it.

The LiMUZZ NoNose is of course also available as a PRO version. With it you protect your dog from poison baits or other things he should not eat.

You can customize your muzzle and assemble it to meet your exact requirements


  • Material: Flexible 3D printing plastic.
  • Manufacturing process: 3D printing in SLS process.
  • Closure: Fixed click closure. Easy to open and close. Stable in use.
  • Fastening: Tear resistant double cotton tubular tape. For a safe and comfortable wearing comfort for the dog.

// And it's that easy:


For your LiMUZZ NoNose you only need to measure the circumference of your dog’s head just before the ears.

If your dog has a slightly longer nose than typical for your breed, or you have a dog with a pre-bias, please also measure the length from the height of the ears to the tip of the muzzle.