// A heart that pulsates with leaps of joy and moments of infinite loyalty

A muscular body, a strong heart and eyes that tell stories of adventure and unwavering love. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of sharing their life with a Boxer will know the unspeakable depth of the bond that exists in the relationship between man and this extraordinary four-legged friend.

Boxers are not just dogs; they are soul mates, bringers of joy, and silent listeners in moments of loneliness. With their playful, sometimes clownish manner and their irrepressible joie de vivre, they bring laughter and light into our days. But they are also guardians of our souls, sensing our feelings with a deep emotionality and sensitivity and treating us with a loyalty that is second to none.

// Characteristics


// Particularities

Child-friendly: Boxers are known for their love of children and their patience in dealing with them. They are playful and often very careful when it comes to the smallest members of the family.

Energetic: Their energy levels are remarkably high, and they need plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation to be happy and balanced.

Loyalty: Their loyalty to their family is impressive and makes them devoted companions and protectors.

Training: Boxers are intelligent and capable of learning, but sometimes a little stubborn. Consistent and loving training is the key here.

Health: Boxers can be prone to certain health problems, including heart-related conditions and hip dysplasia, so regular visits to the vet are essential.

Expressive facial expressions: Their ability to communicate feelings through their expressive facial expressions is remarkable and makes it easy to understand their needs and moods.

The boxer teaches us that joy lies in movement, love in loyalty, and that the strongest shoulders to lean on are often those that are simply there in moments of stillness. With a Boxer by our side, we experience life in all its intensity and find a friend who loves us unconditionally in both our most relaxed and our most vulnerable moments.

// Head shape and snout

They have a square skull with a short but broad snout.

// Muzzle for boxers

The custom-made Limuzz muzzle for boxers takes their special head shape into account and offers full comfort so that the dog does not feel constricted when wearing it.