// A little explorer with a big soul and an echo of love in every bark

With its gentle yet expressive eyes and charmingly drooping ears, the Beagle enters our lives and steals into our hearts in no time at all.

This small, compact four-legged friend carries a world of adventure, curiosity and unbridled love. Beagles are not just loyal companions, they are little everyday heroes who remind us to explore life in all its facets and never forget to take pleasure in the little things.

They navigate the world with their fine nose, on an eternal quest for discovery, sharing with us an indescribable bond and joy that makes every moment with them a special adventure.

// Characteristics


// Particularities

Sense of smell: Beagles have a remarkably developed sense of smell and were originally hunting dogs that were particularly prized for their tracking ability.

Friendly nature: They are known for their gentle and friendly nature. With their open and playful nature, they make friends quickly, both with people and with other animals.

Suitable for families: Due to their loving and patient nature, Beagles make excellent family dogs and are wonderful playmates for children.

Mood lifters: Their cheerfulness and infectious temperament make them real mood lifters and a source of constant positive energy in the home.

Urge to move: Beagles have a pronounced urge to move and need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation to be balanced and happy.

Health: They are generally robust and healthy animals, but are also susceptible to certain health problems, such as ear infections due to their long ears or obesity due to their voraciousness.

With their tireless spirit of exploration and their loving, loyal nature, Beagles teach us to see the world through a lens of curiosity and wonder. They are little ambassadors of happiness that inspire us to turn every moment into an adventure and enjoy the wonders that life has to offer to the full.

// Head shape and snout

A medium-sized skull with a straight and square snout.

// Muzzle for Beagle

The custom-made Limuzz muzzle for beagles is designed to fit perfectly without being restrictive, so that the dog can continue to breathe and sniff freely.