// Custom made bite baskets for Chihuahuas

Too heavy, too big, doesn’t fit right? The little ones often don’t have it easy, but that’s over now!

The muzzle made to measure.

LiMUZZ is finally available for small Dogs like Chihuahuas need the right muzzle. Ultralightcomfortable and yet robust is your individual Chihuahua muzzle. Precisely manufactured using the latest 3D technology, your Chihuahua can also pant and drink water without any problems.

With LiMUZZ your Chihuahua stays happy & relaxed

And that’s how easy it is: You send us the length, height, circumference and width of your dog’s muzzle and we use it to make the perfect muzzle for YOUR Chihuahua.

Bild von Chihuahua mit Limuzz Maulkorb
Bild von Glücklichen Chihuahua

Advantages of Limuzz muzzle for Chihuahuas!