// Individual bespoke muzzles for chihuahuas

Too heavy, too big, doesn’t fit right? The little ones often don’t have it easy, but that’s the end of it!

The muzzle made to measure.

With LiMUZZ there is finally the right muzzle for small dogs like Chihuahuas. Ultralight, comfortable yet robust is your individual Chihuahua muzzle. Thanks to tailor-made production using state-of-the-art 3D technology, your Chihuahua can also squint and drink water without any problems.

With LiMUZZ, your Chihuahua stays happy & relaxed

And it’s as simple as that: You give us the length, height and circumference of your dog’s muzzle and we make the perfect muzzle for YOUR Chihuahua.



The special design of our LiMuZZ allows the dog always to breathe enought, no matter how active he ist. This is important so that your little Chihuahua gets enough cooling even in warm temperatures.


LiMUZZ is the first muzzle from the 3D printer. The selected materials and the production without heavy rivets or screws, allow a weight that is up to 2/3 lighter than comparable products on the market.

Easy handling

LiMUZZ is fixed with a click bucket on the neck of your chihuahua. Because of the well designed muzzle no further fixings are needed. Limuzz holds it that way!

Advantages of the Limuzz Muzzm for Chihuahuas!


Every Chihuahua is different. Surely your dog is also a very special animal. This is exactly why each LiMUZZ biting basket is made individually for your dog.


Our muzzle is easy to clean due to its surface and can be easily cleaned with warm water if required. So everything stays clean with you and your dog is protected.


Limuzz is the muzzle for your Chihuahua with on request built-in food protection. This prevents your little dog from poison bait and other ugly things.

Chihuahua Muzzle Pro or Basic

LiMUZZ PRO Chihuahua Muzzle


Protection from unwanted ingestion.

Surely the most individual muzzle for YOUR Chihuahua! With food protection against poison baits and all other unpleasant surprises – the best protection for dogs and the environment!

LiMUZZ Basic Chihuahua Muzzle

Individual dog muzzle for everyday use – flexible, light and colourful.

The perfect muzzle for city and country. It is designed according to animal protection guidelines.

The muzzle to feel good. save. Comfortable. Tailored. Perfect for you and your Chihuahua!



The individual muzzle for your dog. Each Limuzz is bespoke and fits your dog perfect.


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