Individual muzzle
for your dog

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// Muzzle made to measure

You think your dog is special? WE ALSO!

No more too tight, too small or too short! With LiMuZZ your dog finally gets the muzzle that fits.

That’s why we manufacture every muzzle in precise custom work, exactly fitting for the muzzle of YOUR dog – no matter if Chihuahua or Great Dane.
For this we need only three data: Length, height and circumference of the snout.

Using the latest 3D technology, we conjure up the perfect, species-appropriate and certainly the most individual muzzle for your darling.

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// What distinguishes us

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Made to measure

Precise fitting according to YOUR dog’s data. So your darling can pant without any problems – animal welfare-friendly.

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Feeding protection for poison bait. Flexible and high quality 3D material. Ideal for urban and rural environments.

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According to desire

Choose from our 8 colors. Of course also with the name of your favorite!
Choose the Outdoor option – for even more stability!

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The LiMuZZ muzzle is up to 2/3 lighter than conventional muzzles – this guarantees optimal wearing comfort. With it not only a poodle feels pudelwohl!


The way to your LiMuZZ

Step by step to the perfect muzzle for your dog!

Check out our measurement guide. There we explain exactly how to measure your dog.


Step 1

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Measure from the stop to the tip of the nose. With the catch closed. Precise measurement – without dimensional allowances. Do not stretch the measuring tape.

Step 2

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Place the tape measure from the height of the stop down to the end of the catch. Do not put on the nose. Measure accurately with the catch closed.

Step 3

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The tape measure at height stop measuring the circumference. Measure accurately with the catch closed. Do not stretch the measuring tape.

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// What our customers say

// Advantages of the LiMuZZ

Vorteile Limuzz Maulkorb

// Our muzzles at a glance

Each LiMuZZ is unique

LiMuZZ Basic

  • Light
  • Safe
  • Perfect fit
  • Customized

LiMuZZ Pro

  • Light
  • With feeding protection against poison bait
  • Safe
  • Perfect fit
  • Customized

LiMuZZ NoNose

  • For dogs with very short nose
  • Light
  • Also feeding protection against poison bait
  • Safe
  • Perfect fit
  • Customized

// Prices of your individual muzzle

The price of your LiMUZZ depends on the individual size of your dog.
In the configurator, the exact price for your LiMUZZ will depend on the size of your pet and the options you select.

Small muzzles

  • Muzzles for Chihuahua and other small dog breeds

Medium muzzles

  • Muzzles for medium dog breeds such as Sheltie, Dachshund, Pug, Whippet.

Large muzzles

  • For larger dog breeds like Labrador, Australian Shepard, Rottweiler, Great Dane.

NoNose muzzles

  • Muzzles for dog breeds like pug, french. Bulldog, English. Bulldog etc.

// What other dog muzzles are there?

Overview with advantages and disadvantages of these dog muzzles

Leather muzzles were for a time very remains, because leather gives the feeling of a natural product. At the same time, leather is a soft material that gives the impression that the muzzle hugs the dog’s nose.


Natural product: However, care should be taken to ensure that the leather has been processed sustainably and that no toxic residues from the tanning process have remained in the material.


Shape: The leather muzzle baskets are often all mass produced and only produced in standard sizes. The shape often does not fit the dog’s nose.

Maintenance: If the leather muzzle is to be beautiful for a long time, then ongoing care with leather care products is necessary. If this is not done, leather often becomes hard and brittle. Leather absorbs moisture and tends to grow mold if not properly dried.

Material used: mass-produced leather muzzles are 90% imported product, where it is impossible to say what pollutants are in the leather due to tanning and dyeing. The care products are also often not free of harmful substances. But then lie directly on the dog’s nose.

Biothane muzzles are made of plastic. The colorful ribbons are used for muzzle making.


Near to infinite possibilities of color combination


Weight: The bands must be connected with metal rivets. This significantly increases the weight of the muzzle. Especially for small breeds of dogs muzzle is very heavy in relation to the dog.

Care: Dirt and water can collect between the bands connected with rivets. Cleaning is not always possible in an ideal way.
The muzzles made of biothane are often equated with leather because of the name. Based on the name, a natural product is assumed here.

Fit: With standard products that have not been adapted to the dog, often poor fit.

Confusion: The muzzles made of biothane are often equated with leather or a natural product because of the name. Based on the name, a natural product is assumed here. But the material is plastic. Even more, there are some muzzles on the market that look similar to biothane, but often use a different material. Here it can not be said with certainty that the muzzles are free of harmful substances.

Metal muzzles come in a variety of designs.
From very light extremely thin wire muzzle. This one is very popular with greyhound owners.
Up to very heavy massive muzzles for dogs with real intent to damage.


Metal muzzles are the only muzzles that really hold up as bite guards. But they are only necessary for dogs that have a real intention to damage.


Wire muzzles: the thin wires can break relatively easily, and there is a significant risk of injury to the dog. The thin wires of the muzzle pierce the nose, or eyes of the dog.

Metal Muzzles:

Risk of injury: Metal muzzles are very massive. The muzzle alone in itself creates a risk of injury to another dog or human.

Weight: Solid metal muzzles are very heavy and put a strain on the dog when carried.

Fit: Metal muzzles have standard sizes. Often the size that the dog can not pick up is much too small and the dog can not pant. The next size is so large that the dog can take off the muzzle. This makes the safest metal muzzle useless.

Customization work: metal muzzles can be bent, cut, and somehow adjusted to the dog. Dog owners often do this themselves, or give the muzzle to a specialist for fitting. Both lead to the fact that a new product must be damaged directly after purchase and thus cannot be exchanged. The adjustment by an expert, increases the cost of the muzzle acquisition.

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