• Material: Flexible 3D printing plastic.
  • Manufacturing process: 3D printing in SLS process.
  • Closure: Fixed click closure. Easy to open and close. Stable in use.
  • Fastening: Tear resistant double cotton tubular tape. For a safe and comfortable wearing comfort for the dog.

Configure your LiMuZZ

We need the following three dimensions in cm:

Choose color:

Messwerte / Measured values/ Mesure/

Circumference of the dog's head in cm*
Outdoor (25% more stability)

Preis / Price / Prix

Product description

Your dog has a very short snout?

With a LIMUZZ NoNose there is now also for your dog a suitable muzzle

Lightweight, comfortable and yet safe.

LIMUZZ NoNose is specially designed for dogs for which a classic muzzle is not suitable. The NoNose is manufactured as a head muzzle.

Due to the special shape, the dog has no restriction when breathing. The muzzle does not rest the nose.

Precision-fit manufacturing using the latest 3D printing technology also allows your dog to pant and drink water with ease.

Our colors

Die Farbauswahl unserer Maulkörbe

Measurement guide

Here are a few pictures of how the Limuzz must be measured. Every measured value is checked by us once again. If we notice that something is not quite right here we will contact you by mail!

Measurement height

At stop measure, straight down, catch closed. Can also be measured with a ruler. No encores!

Measurement length

Measure at the stop, straight forward to the tip of the nose. Can also be measured with a ruler. No encores!

Measurement perimeter

Measure at stop. Lay tape measure loosely around. Catch closed. No encores!

Measurement width

Measure at the stop, straight across the nose. Can also be measured with a ruler.