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Don’t be afraid of poison baits

Don’t be afraid of poison baits

With The bespoke muzzles from Limuzz


The coexistence of the dog and the owner consists in a large part of the fact that one wonders what the other is eating. This statement, which circulates on various social media channels as a funny saying, can quickly become bitterly serious – if the dog catches something that he shouldn’t eat. With Limuzz’s muzzle, you avoid this situation and protect your darling from dangerous poison baits.

The dog can still be so disciplined – if a sausage or a cracker is lying on the side of the road, it becomes difficult for him to master himself. Poison bait, pieces of sausage prepared with razor blades or nails, poisonous foods or just horse mantle from a horse treated with antibiotics, all this can be dangerous for our darling.

Anti-poison bait training or muzzle? Best both!

An anti-poison bait training is advisable for every dog, because this way he learns to show what is found and not to eat immediately. With a lot of discipline and training you can certainly also educate a small vacuum cleaner. But you never have a 100% guarantee – so why not also use a muzzle as a food protection?

Especially in areas where you get poison bait warnings more often or in cities where many things are on the ground, a muzzle can save the dog and the owner a lot of nerves and veterinary costs.

The ultimate protection against poison baits of all kinds is provided by a muzzle. This must be closed in the area of the mouth. This means that the dog must not be able to stretch out his tongue to feed. In addition, it must be comfortable and must not restrict your darling, but he should be able to smile and sniff normally. With a muzzle, the dog has no chance to eat poison bait and is not restricted in its freedom of movement.

A Limuzz muzzle meets all these characteristics, is also very light, is precisely adapted to your dog’s muzzle and offers maximum safety – in the city and on the land!