LiMuZZ - individual - muzzle - Dog


100% Best Price Guarantee

We guarantee the best price for custom-made muzzles

Configure LiMUZZ Basic or PRO

In our interactive configurator, you can create your LiMUZZ Basic or Limuzz PRO directly and also preview what your finished muzzle will look like.

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For your headmum for your dog, you only have to measure the head circumference.

Configurartor for your unique muzzle

Welcome to our online configurator for your custom-made muzzle for your dog.

Does your dog have the muzzle full of too tight, too small or too short!
With your LiMUZZ muzzle, he finally gets the muzzle that fits.

With LiMUZZ, your dog finally gets a muzzle with which he can feel comfortable: high-quality, comfortable, custom-made!

Create your LiMUZZ individually!

As unique as your dog!

Choose from our 7 LiMUZZ colors. Of course also with the name of your favorite!
Choose the Outdoor option for even more stability!

What do you have to do?

You measure: length, circumference and height of your dog’s muzzle.

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