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Each Limuzz is made individually for your dog and is a unique piece. Geanau like the dog.

Guaranteed fit, easy and safe – your dog will love him.

The ideal muzzle in everyday dog life.

The muzzle to feel good. save. Comfortable. Tailored. Perfect for you and your dog!

Limuzz muzzle
Limuzz Length

PRO Muzzle – Safe!

With poison protection.

Certainly the most individual muzzle! With food protection against poison baits and all other unpleasant surprises – the best protection for dogs and their environment!


NoNose Muzzle – Muzzle for Pugs and Co.


The most individual muzzle for brachycephalic dog breeds. With food protection against poison bait or as a normal basic muzzle. The custom muzzle for your dog with all the advantages of noramlen LiMUZZ muzzles!

LiMUZZ’s Outdoor Option

For a more active dog, with whom you also go to sports, agility or dog racing or just want to be active in the nature with him, we offer a 25% reinforced version of our LiMUZZ.