LiMuZZ - individual - muzzle - Dog

Prices of your individual muzzle

The price of your LiMUZZ depends on the individual size of your dog. The configurator gives the exact price for your LiMUZZ depending on the size of your animal and the options you choose.

Benefits of the LiMUZZ

  • Custom-made– each muzzle will be made as unique piece You get a tailor-made muzzle for your dog.
  • Individual fitEach muzzle is made individually, according to your dog’s measured values.
  • Fitting guarantee – Every muzzle we send to our customers has a fitting guarantee. We check every incoming order and get in touch with you immediately if we have the feeling that the muzzle might not suit your dog. With the guarantee, we adhere to the specifications for muzzles, the specialist agency for animal protection compliant animal products, the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna.
  • Lightweight Due to the materials used, the muzzle is up to 2/3 lighter than others, so it’s not an additional burden for your dog when he has to wear it.
  • Animal welfare compliantOur muzzle is tested and awarded the animal welfare seal.
  • Depth that is precisely matched to the dog. This shape ensures that your dog can squint sufficiently.
  • Food protection/poison bait sheepz –Our PRO Limuzz protects the dog from ingestion of poison baits.
  • Fits any dog – Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Golden Retriever. The muzzle fits.
  • Flexible material – The material of the muzzle is flexible, but still stable. It adapts perfectly to the dog.
  • Sustainable – Our product is only manufactured when it is ordered. There is almost no waste during production.
  • Made in Austria – Our muzzles are 100% made in Austria.