LiMuZZ - individual - muzzle - Dog

Measuring instructions for your LiMUZZ

Preparing to order your individual muzzle

Before you start, it’s important to measure your dog. It’s easy. we only need the length, height and circumference of the dog’s nose. Please provide with of your dogs nose and your dogs bread, so we have a better understanding about your dog, and can check if the muzzle will fit.

We check every order: On the recieve of your order, we check all your messures for plausibility. If there are any questions, we get in contact with you. If we are not absolutly sure about your data, we weill contact you via mail within a few hours, and check your messurements togehter with you. Don’t have any constraints about your messures, we check any order and will help you to get a perfect Limuzz

Measurement height

At stop measure, straight down, catch closed. Can also be measured with a ruler. No extra measure!

Measurement Length

Measure at stop, straight forward to the tip of the nose. Can also be measured with a ruler. No extra measure!

Measurement circumfence

Measure at stop. Put tape loosely around. Mouth closed. No extra measure!

Measurement width (optional)

Measure at stop, just over the nose. Can also be measured with a ruler.



From the stop to the tip of the nose. When caught. Measure exactly – without any extra measures. Measure tape should not tighten.



Measure the tape measure at height stop. Measure accurately with the catch closed. Do not tighten tape tape.



Put the tape measure down from height stop to the catch. Don’t put on the nose. Measure accurately with a closed mouth.

Are my metrics correct?

Here we have a table with a few examples of dog breeds and measurements. These are experiences of us and can of course differ with your dog. Each dog is unique. However, they can be helpful as a guide to your correct measurement.

Ital. Windspiel7515
Goden Retriever101033

Your plus in safety!

We check the measured values with each order.

If we notice anything in your entries, we will contact you and check all values together with you.

If you don’t hear anything from us, everything is fine. We give you a pass guarantee on your Limuzz.

If you are not sure about measuring, please write to us, we will be happy to help you. (



Our customers measure correctly.

Measuring video

Check out our short video in which we show you exactly how the measurement works.

Audio on!