He’s safe and he fits.

With LiMUZZ PRO, your dog is safe & relaxed.

Limuzz Depth

Your dog tends to try everything he finds and also to eat?

A LiMUZZ PRO is the end of it!

Lightweight, comfortable and yet safe. LiMUZZ PRO has built-in food protection to prevent your darling from taking unwanted food. You protect your dog from poison baits and other unappetizing things.

Thanks to tailor-made production using state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, your dog can also squint and drinkwater without any problems.

At the same time, the fris protection is also a reinforcement of the LiMUZZ and can thus also prevent someone from being injured in the case of small rumblings. With the food protection your dog, you and the environment of your dog is safe.

All advantages of the LiMUZZ BASIC also apply to the PRO version. And of course you can customize your PRO as well as we can customize your BASIC.

And it’s as simple as that: You give us the length, height and circumference of your dog’s muzzle and we make the perfect muzzle for YOUR dog.

In our measuring guide you will find exact information!

Limuzz Width

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