Limuzz PRO - Basic

Benefits of the LiMUZZ

Individual fitEach muzzle is made individually, according to the measured values of your dog.

Lightweight Due to the materials used, the muzzle is up to 2/3 lighter than others and is therefore no additional burden for your dog if it has to wear it.

Animal welfare compliantOur muzzle is tested and awarded the animal welfare seal.

Depth that is precisely matched to the dog ist This shape ensures that your dog can squint sufficiently.

Food protection/anti poison baitOur PRO Limuzz protects the dog from ingestion of poison baits.

Fits any dog – Whether you have a Chihuahua or a Golden Retriever. The muzzle fits.

Flexible material – The material of the muzzle is flexible, but still stable. It adapts perfectly to the dog.

Sustainable – Our product is only manufactured when ordered. There is almost no waste during production.

Vorteile des LiMUZZ - hier klicken

Vorteile des LiMUZZ

Vorteile des LiMUZZ

Individuelle PassformJeder Maulkorb wird individuell, nach den Messwerten deines Hundes angefertigt. 

LeichtDurch die verwendeten Materialien ist der Maulkorb um bis zu ⅔ Leichter als andere und ist so für deinen Hund keine zusätzliche belastung wenn er ihn tragen muss.

Tierschutzkonform  Unser Maulkorb ist geprüft und mit dem Tierschutzkonformitätssiegel ausgezeichnet.

Tiefe die genau auf den Hund abgestimmt ist  Diese Form stellt sicher, dass dein Hund ausreichend hecheln kann.

Fresschutz/Giftköderschutz – Unser PRO Limuzz schützt den Hund vor Aufnahme von Giftködern.

Passt jedem Hund  – Egal ob du einen Chihuahua oder einen Golden Retriever hast. Der Maulkorb passt.

Flexibles Material – Das Material des Maulkorbs ist flexibel, aber trotzdem stabil. Es passt sich dem Hund perfekt an. 

Nachhaltig – Unser Produkt wird nur dann gefertigt, wenn es bestellt wird. Bei der Produktion entsteht nahezu kein Abfall.

100% fitting Guarantee


Measuring instructions

Measurement height

At stop measure, straight down, catch closed. Can also be measured with a ruler.

Measurement Length

Measure at stop, straight forward to the tip of the nose. Can also be measured with a ruler.

Measurement circumfence

Measure at stop. Put tape loosely around. Mouth closed. No extra measure!

Measurement width (optional)

Measure at stop, just over the nose. Can also be measured with a ruler.

That’s what our customers say!

My is a smart poodle – and a Labrador who would like to taste everything, especially handkerchiefs at the edge of the forest. And she also wants to choose herself when shopping at the market or get to know new people in the crowd.


With muzzle she can sniff without any trouble or worse.
In the bag for the muzzle there are always a few guzzis, then it smells good and she lets it put on all the better.
Dr. Daniela Meindl-Kalb

Upper Austria Police Department

Our “Jimmy” muzzle has arrived exactly. I’m putting a photo of us!

“Thanks to Limuzz, we travel carefree! And Jimmy is finally our all-round safe companion!”

with cordial greetings Daniel Pascal with grandson Samuel and dog Limuzz-Reference-Dog-Jimmy!

Daniel Pascal

Actor Linz, Pascal Productions GnbR

From a veterinary as well as a personal point of view, I can only warmly recommend the Limuzz. My dog Paco is not restricted at all by the muzzle.

The fit is unique for a muzzle. Because the needs such as: pricking, air and water absorption were really taken into account.

I see many muzzles in my practice, but as well implemented as the Limuzz – no one has been done yet!

Like. Vet. Christine Nöbauer

Veterinarian Linz, Animal ordination Fröbelstrasse

You have a dog you love about everything and you have the problem that he just eats everything he finds outside? Our “Rudi” is such a candidate.

I turned to Limuzz and got a very good consultation. The new Limzz is great.

A joyful wau, wau of “Rudi” and his wife Christine

Christine Leitner

Dog owner Upper Austria