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FAQ on the individual muzzle for your dog

Every muzzle is unique!

Where does the name Limuzz come from?

Limuzz-speaks to himself “Leimas”-comes from English and is a fusion of the two English words “Light” (light) and “muzzle.” Limuzz is made of a very stable but lightweight material. That’s why our muzzles are up to 2/3 lighter compared to other products on the market and therefore convenient for the dog to wear.

Where does my LiMUZZ come from?

Your Limuzz is made to 100 in Austria. We rely on Austrian quality and work together with regional partners. This makes it easier for us to process and saves long transport distances.

What does passport guarantee mean?

We guarantee you that our muzzle will suit your dog in any case. With our experience, we can easily see whether your dog’s readings are plausible. If we have the impression that the measured values do not seem to be correct, we will contact you by e-mail and clarify the measurement with you.

If you are sure that you have measured correctly and do not respond to our email within 3 days, we will produce your Limuzz according to your specifications. In this case, the passport guarantee expires.

If you are unsure, you are welcome to contact us before ordering. (

How long does it take for my LiMUZZ to be with me?

We always try to send the orders to you as soon as possible.

Delivery time for your Limuzz: Up to 20 business days.

You will receive a shipping confirmation with tracking number as soon as your LiMUZZ has been handed over to the post office.

What do I have to measure in order to order my Limuzz?

This is quite simply you always measure away from the nose approach (i.e. at the stop). (Here you can find our measurement instructions.)

Once the catch length

Once the fan height

Once the catch circumference

How stable is my Limuzz?

Limuzz was developed together with the IPPE Research Institute of the University of Linz, where it tested for all possible forces that can act on a muzzle. Your muzzle can withstand a lot and is still very flexible. Due to the design , the BASIC variant is the most flexible solution and ideally suited as an everyday muzzle. In the PRO version (PRO = Protection), the muzzle as a whole is firmer, as the incorporated fresco protection also strengthens the structure of the muzzle.

Is my Limuzz bite-proof?

Limuzz is not a biting basket. Our goal was never to develop an teething basket. If such a thing is necessary for socially intolerable dogs, we recommend a wire beige basket so as not to put your own dog or other dogs, or in the worst case even humans, at risk.

Our muzzle was developed from 2 basic considerations:

  1. As an everyday muzzle for dogs, who on various occasions simply have to wear a muzzle: Public transport, public buildings, cities, etc.
  2. As a protection for the dog from unwanted eating of everything the dog owner wants to prevent. It is particularly about poison bait, which is repeatedly interpreted by impossible people.

Does my Limuzz also suit my chihuahua?

yes. Dogs that have always had difficulty finding a muzzle for their small nose have a wonderful practical muzzle solution with Limuzz for the first time.

Animal welfare compliance for PRO and BASIC!

The Limuzz PRO and Limuzz BASIC model has been Specialist office for animal welfare and animal welfare certified as animal welfare compliant. More information can be found here.

How can you make a tailor-made muzzle with just 3 dimensions?

For more than a year, we dealt very intensively with the anatomy of dog heads and surveyed countless dog breeds using 3D scanners and sought the opinions of veterinarians. Based on this data, we were able to develop a mathematical model that is the same across all dog breeds. That’s why it is possible for us to make a super-accurate muzzle with only 3 data.

Is Limuzz comfortable for the dog?

Limuzz is extremely lightweight and fits very accurately. This makes it easy for the dog to accept the muzzle. Even during tests with our own dogs, we have consistently had positive experiences with the acceptance of the muzzle. The dogs get used to it quickly, and even the longer term carrying was very well received by all dogs. Therefore, we assume that he is quite comfortable for the dogs. However, we did not get concrete answers to our question.

Why is there the Outdoor Variate?

For people who like to be active with their dog, possibly do dog sports or simply have a very active dog, but who should wear a muzzle, the outdoor variant is intended. This is a bit more stable and firm.

Can I exchange my Limuzz if it doesn't fit?

Limuzz is custom-made for each order and only fits the dog, which has been measured. Therefore, unfortunately, we cannot take back a Limuzz if it does not fit. However, we check every order when it has been received whether the measured values are correct. If we feel that the values don’t fit, we’ll contact you and adjust the values. This way we can make sure that your LiMUZZ fits.

What material properties does my Limuzz have?

Limuzz is semi-resistant, pull-resistant, flexible and safe when swallowed. It has a surface that feels like soft rubber and does not push or shy the dog. The material is waterproof and can be easily washed with cold water after use. An occasional wash in the dishwasher can’t harm your Limuzz.

Why is Limuzz produced in 3D printing process?

We have opted for 3D printing because we are completely free in the design and design of the Limuzz and we do not have to think about one-size-fits-all and industrial production processes in new designs. Limuzz is also said to benefit dogs all over the world. With 3D printing, we have the opportunity to keep the value added in the respective country and to secure short distances from our production to the customer.

Is the Limuzz also available for flat noses?

Yes – We also offer a perfectly suitable solution for Frenchis, pugs, etc. in our shop. Here, too, each muzzle is made individually for your dog.


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