When packing my suitcase, I put in my passport, swimming trunks and.. of course my dog! But a holiday with a dog has to be planned properly – we have put together a small checklist for you, so that nothing can go wrong!

We had to wait some time for this, but there is a green light: it is also allowed to travel in the summer of 2020! Most of them are on holiday in Austria this year – but there are also some things to consider when travelling in your own country with your four-legged friend!

If you have found suitable accommodation where dogs are allowed, then it’s time to pack! The dog also needs his own suitcase with the following things:

Limuzz Muzzles
  • dog food tailored to the duration of the holiday,
  • Treats
  • Bowl for water and food,
  • Dog poo bags,
  • collar, chest harness, leash and tow line,
  • Dog tracker,
  • Transport box or belt for strapping to the car,
  • Blanket or baskets,
  • Towels
  • toys (also suitable for water),
  • Brush
  • Emergency vet and pharmacy nearest your location, and the most important medicines,
  • Vaccination documents,

and, of course, particularly important:

  • the LimuZZ muzzle basket!

But why is the muzzle so important when you are travelling with your four-legged friend in Austria? The legal requirements on whether muzzles or leads are compulsory may vary between regions. As a precautionary measure, it is therefore advised to always carry a muzzle with you. In addition to the accommodation (whether hotel, apartment or campsite) it is often mandatory to put a muzzle on the dog, especially for (tourist) excursion destinations. Those who travel in the mountains will need it in mountain railways or on gondola trips and those who want to take a boat trip at the lake are also on the safe side with a muzzle. The LimuZZ muzzle basket is totally light, hardly needs space due to its flexibility and is quickly moved on and off again!

Inns, restaurants and taverns are often more welcoming to a dog if it is wearing a muzzle. Not only the encounter with other dogs is more relaxed, but also the people react more calmly to your four-legged friends. And the Limuzz has another side effect: begging at the table for food is in vain and food leftovers on the ground do not end up in the dog’s stomach! 😉

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