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Certainly the most individual muzzle! With fress protection against poison bait.
The ideal muzzle for everyday dog life. Perfect for you and your dog.


Each muzzle is made of high-quality 3D printing material and is made exactly for your dog. You only have to measure 3 values for us and your dog can hoist and drink with muzzle. That sits!


Our muzzle with fress protection protects your dog from all inconveniences such as poison bait and unwanted “treats” and you from penalties for muzzle duty.


Our muzzles are up to 2/3 lighter than commercially available muzzles. As a result, the muzzle is much better accepted by your dog.


Quickly put on, easy to store and quickly folded together thanks to state-of-the-art materials. Practical LimuZZ bag – no more pollution in your pockets.


Your favorite color, with fress protection, outdoor option and, of course, with your dog’s name. Your muzzle is as unique as your dog!


Easy and quick to clean. If there is heavy pollution, you can briefly add your LiMuZZ to the dishwasher.

Price category for your individual muzzle size

Your dog corresponds in size to our exemplary breeds, then select the respective size when ordering. Your LiMuZZ will, of course, be custom-made for you.

Dwarf Spitz


Small poodle


Dwarf schnauzer


Miniature pinscher


Medium poodle





German. Pinscher



Golden Retriever


Border Collie


German Dogge


St. Bernard

Bern Sennenhunde

German shepherd




You can see the true value by the cheerful face of your dog!

Sizes S, M and L in the shop!

Dear customer, thank you for your patience!

The S, M and L sizes are currently available in the shop. We ask you for some patience for the XL sizes in the shop. We are currently working on the completion of the 3D configurator for your Limuzz which will take a few more days. Then you can also configure your XL Limuzz in the shop.

If you don’t want to wait that long, send us an e-mail info@limuzz.com with the measurements of your dog and you will get an individual offer from us for your Limuzz.

You can buy your Limuzz on site here

How to get to your LiMuZZ

The three things you have to measure

So you have to measure your dog to order your LiMuZZ accurately.

Please put the tape measure loosely for your dog for the catch. You don’t have to ditune conscious encores.


From the stop to the tip of the nose. When caught. Measure exactly – without any measures. Measure tape does not tighten.


Measure the tape measure at height stop. Measure accurately with the catch closed. Do not tighten tape tape.


Put the tape measure down from height stop to the catch. Don’t put on your nose. Measure accurately with a closed catch.

LiMuZZ’s outdoor option For a more active dog, with whom you also go to sports, agility or dog racing or just want to be active in the Naur with him, we offer a 25 reinforced version of our LiMuZZ.

The LiMuZZ Team

The dog-mad troupe who reinvented the muzzle.
We’re a great team, all of whom are a little dog crazy. This is the only way to turn a simple idea into such an ingenious product.
Werner Leitmüller

Founder and Innovation Leader, (Whippet Ylva's racing coach)

The technical genius with a penchant for perfection. “Actually, I just wanted a muzzle for my own dog at first.”
Christoph Schimmel

Technical expert and product genius, (Flat Coated Retriever Stoffl's Feed Spender)

The creative spirit of the team with high quality standards. Appearance, feel and product quality must stand out from everyone else!
Bernhard Jelinek

Creative Head and Marketing Specialist, (Labi Mix Moglis retirement savings)

3D from the start
Our view of a muzzle has always taken into account all dimensions.
3D view
From the very beginning, our goal was to develop an all-round perfect muzzle. Our muzzle is not a biting basket, we want to protect the dog from grift, the dog owner from penalties and dogs and people from injuries while playing.
3D scan
As a basis for LiMuZZ, the focus was always on the anatomy of the Hudes. With 3D scans of a wide variety of dog breeds, we were able to develop LiMuZZ as we imagined.
3D design
The scans and our knowledge of anatomy also enabled us to design the LiMuZZ uniquely. Stylish like no one before.
3D printing
For the individual fine production of your muzzle, we rely on state-of-the-art materials and 3D printing. So we can offer you the features that make LiMuZZ so unique


We at LiMuZZ love contact!
LiMuZZ-The muzzle company Neudecker Way 55 A-4073 Wilhering Email: info@limuzz.com

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