Individual muzzle for your dog

You think your dog is something very special?


Muzzles too tight, too small or too short!

With LiMuZZ, your dog finally gets the muzzle that fits.

That’s why we manufacture every muzzle in precise custom-made way to ensure one perfect fit for your dog – no matter if it’s Chihuahua or Great Dane.

To do this, we only need three data: length, height and circumference of the muzzle. Using state-of-the-art 3D technology, we conjure up the perfect, species-appropriate and certainly the most individual muzzle for your best friend.

Properties of the LimuZZ muzzle

Made to measure

Precise adjustment according to the data of YOUR dog. This way your darling can smile without any problems – animal welfare.”


Food protection for poison baits.. Flexible and high-quality 3D material. Ideal for urban and rural environments.


The LiMuZZ muzzle is aboutup to 3 times lighter than conventional muzzles – this guarantees optimal wearing comfort. Not only a poodle feels poodle-like!

Easy to use

Lightning-fast application by the simplest handling. Practical LimuZZ bag – no more dirty handbags!


Choose from our 7 LiMuZZ colors. Of course also with the name of your favorite!
Choose the Outdoor option for even more stability!


Easy and quick to clean. In case of heavy dirtying, you can simply rinse your LiMuZZ with warm water.

That’s what our customers say!

My is a smart poodle – and a Labrador who would like to taste everything, especially handkerchiefs at the edge of the forest. And she also wants to choose herself when shopping at the market or get to know new people in the crowd.


With muzzle she can sniff without any trouble or worse.
In the bag for the muzzle there are always a few guzzis, then it smells good and she lets it put on all the better.
Dr. Daniela Meindl-Kalb

Upper Austria Police Department

Our “Jimmy” muzzle has arrived exactly. I’m putting a photo of us!

“Thanks to Limuzz, we travel carefree! And Jimmy is finally our all-round safe companion!”

with cordial greetings Daniel Pascal with grandson Samuel and dog Limuzz-Reference-Dog-Jimmy!

Daniel Pascal

Actor Linz, Pascal Productions GnbR

From a veterinary as well as a personal point of view, I can only warmly recommend the Limuzz. My dog Paco is not restricted at all by the muzzle.

The fit is unique for a muzzle. Because the needs such as: pricking, air and water absorption were really taken into account.

I see many muzzles in my practice, but as well implemented as the Limuzz – no one has been done yet!

Like. Vet. Christine Nöbauer

Veterinarian Linz, Animal ordination Fröbelstrasse

You have a dog you love about everything and you have the problem that he just eats everything he finds outside? Our “Rudi” is such a candidate.

I turned to Limuzz and got a very good consultation. The new Limzz is great.

A joyful wau, wau of “Rudi” and his wife Christine

Christine Leitner

Dog owner Upper Austria

Limuzz model at a glance

Für normale Hunde
NoNose Basic3Gleich bestellen
NoNose PRO 3Gleich bestellen
Für Hunde mit sehr kurzer Nase
NoNose Basic3Gleich bestellen
NoNose PRO 3Gleich bestellen

How do you get your LiMuZZ?

The three things you have to measure

Check out our measurement instructions. There we explain exactly how you have to measure your dog.



From the stop to the tip of the nose. When caught. Measure exactly – without any extra measures. Measure tape should not tighten.



Put the tape measure down from height stop to the catch. Don’t put on the nose. Measure accurately with a closed mouth.



Measure the tape measure at height stop. Measure accurately with the catch closed. Do not tighten tape tape.

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