LiMuZZ - individual - muzzle - Dog

The 3D printed Muzzle

Scan. Design. Print

Highestprecision with 3D technology

LiMuZZ’s recipe for success is based on precision and quality. This includes an in-depth knowledge of the dog’s anatomy. With the help of comprehensive 3D scans of different dog breeds, we were able to develop a modern technology that can take into account the anatomical complexity and peculiarities of each dog. With this we succeeded in creating a muzzle that is unique in form and design – stylish as never before.

3D from the start

Our view of a muzzle has always taken into account all dimensions.

3D view

From the very beginning, our goal was to develop an all-round perfect muzzle. Our muzzle is not a biting basket, we want to protect the dog from grift, the dog owner from penalties and dogs and people from injuries while playing.

3D scan

As a basis for LiMuZZ, the focus was always on the anatomy of the Hudes. With 3D scans of a wide variety of dog breeds, we were able to develop LiMuZZ as we imagined.

3D design

The scans and our knowledge of anatomy also enabled us to design the LiMuZZ uniquely. Stylish like no one before.

3D printing

For the individual fine production of your muzzle, we rely on state-of-the-art materials and 3D printing. So we can offer you the features that make LiMuZZ so unique

Limuzz – latest technology for your most loyal friend.

Limuzz is the individually made muzzle for each dog. To make this possible, we relied on a technology that allows us to adapt the muzzle in its shape and function to each dog individually.

With the help of state-of-the-art 3D printers, each bite basket is made individually.

To make this possible, it is necessary to create a digital model from each muzzle beforehand.

For this we only need 3 readings from your dog. How to measure your dog we explain here.

We started thinking about muzzles about 3 years ago. For our dogs there were and still are not suitable in the trade. It quickly became clear to us that a new muzzle must meet certain criteria in order to meet our requirements. We started collecting these criteria and thought about what such a muzzle should look like.

We gradually started photographing, measuring and recording dogs of different breeds with the help of a 3D scanner. First the idea arose to scan the dogs and to customize each muzzle. However, since dogs do not keep very quiet during scanning, the probability of malfunction in the muzzle is far too high.

From the data obtained, we then managed to recognize a certain logic and thus tried to model our muzzle with the help of simple measurements. This worked very well, and the more data we got, the fewer values were needed for a muzzle individually adapted to each dog.

In order to be able to produce the muzzles individually and to order, we had to find a technology that made this possible.

In this case, 3D printing is the best and probably only way to create our muzzles in the quality we demand.

We work here with sophisticated industrial machines that have nothing to do with the small 3D printers that are often shown in the media. The machines are ideally suited to process the material we need. The 3D-printing special plastic is necessary so that we can ensure our material properties of the Limuzz muzzm.

And another reason why we put pressure on 3D is the sustainability of the production method.

Every muzzle basket is made to order, we have no overproduction and no waste because of too much produced muzzles

Every muzzle is manufactured in Austria.

The non-needed plastic material can be reprocessed to a very high degree. There is almost no waste during production.

Our Limuzz is state-of-the-art in terms of fit, high tech, sustainability and regionality.